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People who live with chronic pain often experience their most profound sense of distress in the area of perceived personal control. The inability to escape the noxious stimuli of pain--particularly after countless physician visits and medication trials--leaves one in a perplexing state of hopelessness and helplessness.

Emotional pain is often related, at least in part, to a crisis of meaning. Experiences such as physical discomfort, functional limitations, changes in lifestyle, and social impairment serve to validate the presence of pain (i.e., give meaning to the experience of pain).

When pain is inescapable, definitions of self must be reworked to incorporate that which is not desired and frequently loathed. Not only is the pain a threat to the biological integrity of the self but all other definitions of self (e.g., social, psychological, spiritual) demand revision. Persistent pain frequently means uncontrollable bodily sensations, unpredictable pain patterns, disrupted social contacts and family relations, economic uncertainty, and alterations in one's sense of self and worldview. Command of one's life becomes increasingly tenuous as the person with persistent pain scrambles to accommodate to the stress of so much instability. This accommodation can be an extremely difficult and emotionally wrenching process marked by continual efforts to reinstate the desired normal way of life.