Board Certified & Licensed Psychotherapist
Board Certified & Licensed Psychotherapist
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Adult & Child Therapy - Family & Couples Counseling
Burlington County, New Jersey, NJ

Through my work with clients over the years, I have noticed that many people who initially seek therapy express one or more problems/symptoms that have been affecting their work, relationships, sleep, or ability to enjoy life, but they sometimes do not recognize the problems/symptoms as resolvable or manageable. Sometimes individuals, couples, and families have had a particular problem or symptom for many years, and sometimes a problem can arise suddenly and unexpectedly. People may believe, "This is the way it's always been--there's probably not much hope for change," "There must be something wrong with me," "Nobody else feels this way or has this problem," I can't let anybody know what's going on," Everybody else seems to have a perfect life--partner--child--family."

As a result of these mistaken beliefs, people may feel alone, and embarrassed or ashamed to talk to family and friends about their situation. Some people believe that they shouldn't "burden" other people with their problems, and others may have a poor or inadequate family/social support system and tend to feel isolated and trapped, not knowing where to turn. Sometimes, even talking with well-meaning family members or friends does not really help to alleviate problems or symptoms, and professional help is needed.

Recognizing the need for professional therapy is a positive first step. Therapy can provide help for a wide range of problems and concerns as well as fulfill aspirations for self-improvement or personal growth. In therapy you will find the help to explore your concerns and treatment goals in a confidential, supportive environment. We will work to help you develop effective means to manage anxiety-stress-anger-pain, heal emotional wounds and resolve issues from the past that are impacting your current life, learn more constructive ways to communicate with others and get your needs met, regain a sense of hope for self and life, improve parenting or other intimate/social relationship skills, and bolster self-esteem and confidence.

Cynthia D. Pine, LCSW, BCETS
Board Certified & Licensed Psychotherapist
Board Certified Expert, Diplomate, AAETS
3 Saint Michaels Court
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